Chinatown Seafair Parade 2013

Thought I would share this video that I took yesterday at the Chinatown Seafair Parade over in the International District (July 21, 2013). This group is called “Filipino Youth Activities (FYA) Drill Team,” and they frequently perform in different locations around Seattle. The girls range from age 5 into their early 20’s, and are dressed in traditional glimmering Sari’s and jewelry. Young men bang and thump with different military-like percussion techniques, and whistles squeal over chanting young ladies. The FYA Drill team is the only Filipino-American drill team in the US.




  1. Nice post, Rachel. Wow, that first video really made me cringe! Excellent! It would be nice to present some examples where a cultural tradition has been respectfully assimilated with positive results, as a point of comparison.

  2. Hey Paul! Are you talking about the Appropriation write-up, or this Chinatown Seafair Parade post? This one wasn’t for an assignment, per say. I was merely reflecting on my research on the Filipino drill team.

      1. No Problem! I did some fine-tuning of the Appropriation post last night. I even changed the title to better reflect the content: “Misappropriation.” I went back and gave a 1/2 thumbs up to Madonna on her Frozen video, because I can sense that she’s generally inspired by Brahman culture. However, I suppose the general theme of this post is that “these particular celebrities are just doing this for money…” If you prefer, I can add more positive content. It’s just already rather hefty.

  3. Cool, I’ll check it out. Don’t worry about posting more just to be “positive.” Keep up the great work, Rachel! Props. PK

    1. I appreciate all your criticism. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Btw, did you notice that I have made this blog official? I am planning on truly using this as a platform for my work!! 😉

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