Acoustic analysis of playing the World’s ‘longest echo’

The worlds ‘longest echo’, and its acoustic analysis. This may be the sexiest & most daunting saxophone you’ll ever hear!

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A few weeks ago I got to play my saxophone in the Inchindown Oil Tanks that hold the World record for the ‘longest echo’. If you haven’t seen the previous blog, you might want to listen to this recording that was captured on a mobile:

The recording is a bit rough and ready, but nevertheless captures the aural magic of the place. Recently, I replayed this recording at a couple of events about Sonic Wonderland/The Sound Book, and remarked on a couple of strange effects that I had noticed. But until now I hadn’t had time to examine the recordings in detail, to try and work out what is going on.

High notes appear from no-where

The extraordinary long reverberation time in the tank, means that old notes hang around for a very long time. But as I listen to the piece, I also notice notes that seem to emerge from the aural smog that seem to…

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Fire on Canaan Mountain ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #4

A wonderful podcast, following Dave Olson who interviews Foot Man, as they hike up Canaan Mountain to drink from a fresh natural mineral spring, eat ripened coconut and fruits and as they drape from the trees, and explore a natural weed farm baking in the hot Jamaican sun. Here’s a small taste of Jamaica, mon 🙂 Meet Foot, a Rasta bushman called Fire, and Dave- guiding the adventure.

Choogle On! with Uncle Weed - Renegade documentaries

On a hike to a mountain top ganja patch, a new pal called Foot shares his curing technique to make the chocolate weed, plus opinions on Jamaica cannabis strains, and effects on his stamina. Then, a Rasta bushman called Fire gleefully explains Ital food traditions while grating coconut for a hearty natural stew cooked on a fire before exploring his forest garden of plantains, pimentos, soursop and more bounty – before reaching ganja mountain to squeeze skunk buds with Uncle Weed in the hot sun.

“If you worry, it’s a problem, if you don’t worry, it’s a problem – so stop worrying and start living”

Scramble up the rock for Fire on Canaan Mountain ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #4 (.mp3, stereo, 128kbps, 26:09)



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Zimbali Retreat

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