“Rachel was a blast to work with during the recording of a few songs by a rock duo that I was half of a few years back. We definitely had a sound in mind going into the recording; we wanted everything to be polished and prominent but not lose the rock-vibe of our band playing live. Rachel captured this perfectly and was full of great ideas and encouragement throughout the entire process. I was having some trouble nailing vocal parts and she was quick to lend a hand and give me various tips to help me get through the motions. She even had a great idea to layer another singers’ gritty vocals over the top of the clean vocals that I was doing which created an awesome and unexpected end result and added a whole new dimension to the song’s climax. All in all it was a wonderful experience that I hope to have again someday. We walked away with a recording we were entirely thrilled with”Alex Rasmussen of Dark Horse High/The Road 

“When we got to the studio we were running late but Rachel was on point and quickly got us setup in no time… and I have very picky needs for recording to get the right sound I want. Because she was on point, we did the song in one take… she is serious about what she’s doin’ ‘PERIOD'” Anthony Renegade Briscoe of Down North


“Rachel Catallo was my first vocalist for my dance music that I produce out of Greece. We worked together for about 2 years- sending tracks back and forth as we both made musical edits. She would layer vocals and come up with new lyrics while I would produce the music and play it in the clubs. We worked very well together. Rachel is a very good person, and is very talented with a great voice. I’m so glad we had a chance to work together. –DJ Kallinikos Anesthesia 



  1. Rachel is a wonderful sound engineer dedicated to her profession and entire music world. She works hard and does more than expected. Our second album “Long Journey” wouldn’t be the same without her help – we loved every moment of our recording sessions.

  2. Hey Rachel i just wanted to stop by your website and let you know that you are truly missed at school. I know you are off to doing MUCH BIGGER AND BETTER things with your life as i can see on Facebook. But since you were one of the very few women of audio at AI, i have to say that you are missed by us all. I feel so alone because now Im just another face at school that shows up a few days out of the week and disappears… Well, I guess its always been that way haha but even more so now. My point is, while you were there, i made it a point to get out and mingle with others… To be honest i couldn’t care less to do so now. Don’t wanna talk your head off, (and i need to get back to doing my homework….lol). Just wanted to come by and say HEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

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